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Adding Learners to the Assessment Tool

As an Organisation Administrator, you will need to add Learners to the Assessment Tool before they can be assessed. This can be done manually, one at a time, or by uploading Learners in bulk from a file.

To add Learners manually to the Assessment Tool, from the Learners tab:

  1. Select Create New Learner under the Create panel in the side menu.
  2. Fill in the required details (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Date Of Birth, Gender, National Student Number, and at least one Ethnicity). Note that the NSN cannot be the same as a currently enrolled Learner at your Organisation, and that if it is the same as a Learner previously enrolled at your Organisation, the Learner will be reinstated.
  3. You can choose whether to fill out the optional fields (i.e. Ethnicity 2, Ethnicity 3, Email Address, External Learner Reference, and whether English is the Learner's first language).
  4. Select Save at the bottom of the screen.
  5. When this process is completed successfully, a confirmation message will be displayed. You can select the Link Add another Learner to repeat the process.
  6. In the event that the Learner has previously been enrolled at the Organisation and was removed, you will be alerted with this information and the Learner will be reconnected to the results of any Assessments they sat before they were removed.

Note: This process is best used for small numbers of Learners. For importing large numbers of Learners into the Assessment Tool, refer to Importing Learner data from a file.

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