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Importing Learners and Educators from a file

Under the Administration tab, you can upload of Learners, Educators, and Groups into the Assessment Tool, as well as assigning Learners and Educators to Groups in a single operation.

The structure of the upload file allows you to mix and match the creation and assignment process according to your needs. You can do any of the following in combination:

  • Create Learners
  • Create Educators
  • Create Groups
  • Assign Learners to Groups
  • Assign Educators to Groups.

The format of the upload file is explained in under File Format for Bulk Uploads, and sample files are provided for you to modify with your own data, to make this process easier.

It is also possible to reinstate a Learner previously enrolled at your institution, or to update information held within the Assessment Tool. Both of these processes use the Learner's unique NSN as the means of identifying which Learner should be reinstated or updated. Any other information supplied in the upload file will be updated in the Learner record.

Once you have created a file (in CSV format) with the correct sections and data in it, the process for uploading is as follows:

  1. From the Administration tab, select Browse then navigate to the CSV file.
  2. Once the file has been selected, select Submit.
  3. The Assessment Tool will process the file, and, if it is in the correct format, you should see a message telling you how many Learners and/or Educators have been created and the number of new Groups in the Tool.
  4. Note: In the event that any Learners were previously enrolled at the Organisation and were removed, you will be alerted with this information and the Learner(s) will be reconnected to the results of any Assessments they sat before they were removed.
  5. If the file contains errors, you will be presented with a report on the error(s), and will need to resolve them and then upload the file again.
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