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Previewing an Assessment using the Educator Preview Code

The Educator Preview Code is a special Assessment Code that is intended for the use of Educators and Administrators in the System. It allows the holder to log in and take a Reading, Numeracy or Vocabulary Assessment (there is no equivalent functionality for Writing Assessments, as they are all conducted offline) in the same manner that a Learner would take the Assessment; without having to be specifically assigned to the Assessment and, more importantly, without having the Educator's score recorded against the Assessment. This is particularly relevant when you consider that all Learner Scale Scores are taken into account when generating Reports such as the Group Assessment Report.

In summary, the Educator Preview Code allows you to:

  • Log into the Assessment.
  • Answer Practice questions.
  • Answer the real Assessment questions *.
  • View the End of Assessment Report **.

* Note: If you are Previewing an Adaptive Assessment, then it extremely unlikely that you will experience exactly the same Assessment as another Educator or the Learner. This is because the Assessment Tool selects questions based on your performance even when previewing the Assessment.

** No score is recorded in the Assessment Tool and no permanent record of the Assessment is retained. This also means that more than one Educator can use the Educator Preview Code to view the Assessment.

To Preview an Assessment using the Educator Preview Code:

  1. View the Assessment details by selecting the Assessment name from your Home tab or the Assessments tab.
  2. Copy or write down the Educator Preview Code from the Assessment Details panel in the side menu (under Educator Preview Code).
  3. Log out of the Assessment Tool.
  4. In the Assessment Tool, paste or type the Educator Preview Code from step 2 into the Assessment Code box.
  5. Select the Log in button.
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