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Administering an Online Assessment

  1. The process for Administering an Online Assessment begins with the creation of the Assessment itself. Only Assessments that are Adaptive, Non-Adaptive or Snapshot can be administered online (i.e. they are taken on a computer).
  2. Once the Assessment has been created, you will need to assign Learners to the Assessment, then make sure that the Learner has received their Assessment Code (either by having the system e-mail it to them, if you are certain that they have their correct e-mail address in the system, or by printing it out, cutting up the sheet of Assessment Codes into slips, and giving them to the Learners). More information on this can be found under Working with Assessment Codes.
  3. If the Assessment was not activated at the time of creating it, then before the Assessment can be taken, you will need to Activate the Assessment by either:
  • Selecting the Activate link next to the Assessment name on your Home tab; or
  • Viewing the Assessment details and selecting the Activate link at the top of the Assessment Details panel, in the side menu.

Having been given the Assessment Code, the Learner will then need to access the Assessment Tool, using a computer of the required minimum browser specifications. The steps involved in taking the Assessment from a Learner's perspective are:

  • Enter the Assessment Code at the login screen.
  • Read the instructions.
  • Answer the practice questions.
  • Start the Assessment, then answer the question as to their first language if this is presented.
  • Answer all of the questions in the Assessment, marking questions for later review if needed (this option is only available if the Assessment is Non-Adaptive).
  • On completion, review any questions that have not been answered or are marked for review (this step is only necessary if the Assessment is Non-Adaptive).
  • Save and submit the Assessment, clicking OK to confirm this action (this step is only necessary if the Assessment is Non-Adaptive).
  • Select the View Report link to view the End of Assessment Report.
  • Optionally, save their End of Assessment Report for later reference or discussion with their tutor or other trained Educator.

Once an Assessment has been completed by the Learner, authorised Educators will be able to view the various Reports that are available within the Assessment Tool to assist in developing appropriate learning interventions for the Learner.

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