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Minimum system requirements


The Assessment Tool is hosted as a web application, so to access it you will need to use a browser installed on your computer (PC or Mac) that complies with the minimum version requirements. This does not mean that you cannot use any other browsers; just that you may experience some problems if you are using a browser that falls below the minimum requirements.

These are:

Internet Explorer version 7.x to 10.x.

Mozilla Firefox version 2.x or higher (Win or Mac).

Opera version 9.6 or higher for PC (Win XP).

Safari version 3.2 to 5.x (for Mac OS 10.5).

Chrome version 1.0 or higher.

Note: Users of newer browsers (or browsers below the minimum standard) that have not been tested for use on the Assessment Tool may be alerted by a System Message to this fact. See System messages for more information.

Screen resolution

The questions in the Assessment Tool have been optimised for a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Viewing Assessments at a lower resolution than this may cause wrapping of question elements and other undesirable side effects to occur.

Audio content

In order to listen to audio content in Vocabulary Assessments, you must have:

  • Adobe Flash Player (version 8 or above) installed. You can obtain the latest version of the player here.
  • A sound card in your computer.

Headphones are also recommended for classroom situations.

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