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Searching for Learners who have left the Organisation

When a Learner has left the an Organisation, they will usually be deleted from the list of Learners by the Organisation Administrator. In this case, their records will still be available, but there is no easy way for an Educator to locate them, as they will not appear in the list of Learners any more.

However, an Organisation Administrator can elect to include Learners who have left (i.e. been removed from) the Organisation when conducting a search of Learners. To do this:

  1. From the Learner tab, enter the first or last name of the Learner that you are searching for.
  2. Check the Search Learners who have left checkbox under the Search text box.
  3. Select the Search icon or press Enter.
  4. The search results will include any Learners who have been deleted from the Organisation.

If you wish to reinstate the Learner, you can select the Reinstate this Learner link to have the Learner returned to the Organisation along with any Assessments they have completed. Groups and Assessments assigned at the time the Learner was removed will not be reinstated. For more information on this function, see Reinstating Learners that have left the Organisation.

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