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Searching for Assessments, Educators and Learners

You can search for Assessments, Learners or for Educators within their respective tabs, and, in addition can search for Learners by their National Student Number (NSN). For example, to search for a Learner:

  1. Select the Learners tab from the Main Navigation Tabs, and enter the Learner's first or last name or NSN in the search dialogue box at the top-right of the screen.
  2. Press Enter or select the Search button. You will be shown the results of your search as in Figure 1, below.
  3. To clear the search dialogue box and view all of the Learners, select the All Learners link at the top of the search results, or select the Learners tab in the Main Navigation Tabs.

Searching for learners - results

Figure 1: Learner search results.

Tips and tricks for searching

Search context: Search operates within the area you currently have selected. So, for example, if you are viewing a list of Learners assigned to an Assessment, the search will focus only within those assigned Learners. However, if you elect to add more Learners, the search function will operate on all Learners that you are authorised to see.

Filtering after a search: You can filter search results to display only those Learners or Educators that belong to a specific Group. Use the View Learners in: dropdown to select the Group you want to filter by.

Wildcards: Wildcards are symbols that allow you to search for text in the middle of a name. They are particularly useful if you are not sure about the spelling of a name (or if you think that an alternative spelling may have been used).

The Assessment Tool allows the use of percent (%) symbol or asterisk (*) as a wildcard - some examples appear below. Note: Assessments searches will always apply an implicit wildcard, and return the text you search for wherever it appears in the Assessment name.:

Searching for . . .

. . . will return


Ali, Allan, etc. as first names, Alden, Allen as last names but NOT Toali, (where al appears in the middle of the name).

%al (or*al)

All names beginning with Al (first and last) as well as names where "al" appears in the middle of the name, like Toali, Malven etc.


Mark, Martin as first names, but not Kumar or Kemara.

%mar (or *mar)

All names beginning with Mar and all names where mar appears, including such as Kumar or Kemara.

m%ar (or m*ar)

All names beginning with Mar, and also names such as Makimare - where the "m" is separated from the "ar" by any number of letters (represented by the wildcard).


The Learner with the NSN of 1234567 if they are enrolled at your Organisation.

%123% (or *123*)

All Learners with the sequence 123 in their NSN, regardless of where it appears.

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